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Sophia, the Amputee

Sophia, only days old, found abandoned with her umbilical cord wrapped around her rear paw. Saved by the San Diego Human Society and given a rear paw amputation, Sophia the Survivor, needed a champion to adopt her; someone special special who understood living with challenges...

In walks the Ultimate Fighter...

Karolyn Smith is the 2014 Veteran of the Year for the 71st District of CA and would adopt not only Sophia but her bonded mate, Leonidas. Karolyn, deployed to Iraq in 2004 as a crew-serve machine gunner and knows all to well about living with injuries and fighting for her life. After receiving a life saving  biotech spinal fusion from UCLA Operation Mend, Karolyn would go one to create in partnership with Fablab San Diego, the first ever 3D printed prototype prosthetic paw for Sophia. Karolyn was just getting started. She turned the experience of inventing this new type of prosthetic into a children's book, "Sophia the Bionic Cat"...and it gave her a new Mission...

Who is 3PawsUp? What is an Ambassador? Why we need you!

When Karolyn got home from deployment back in 2005 from Iraq, her nephew would be stricken with Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer with a less than 12% chance of survival, he was just barely 2 years old. 12 years laterKarolyn created "Sophia the Bionic Cat", our book that tells of the story chronicling the human-animal bond and making the first ever prototype prosthetic for Sophia. The book was awarded the 2017 Maker Faire "Maker of Merit" award.

Karolyn would be reminded of the days in the hospital with her nephew, devoid of inspirational material in his room to encourage him to fight or have hope, and that's how 3 Paws Up, a Veteran nonprofit began.

In a coordinated partnership, 3 Paws Up will now ensure that stories like "Sophia the Bionic Cat" will be hand delivered by "Ambassadors" to children in critical care hospitals (Childrens Hospital, Radys, and even children around the world who inspire the world, can be subjects of a donated book!)

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