Who are they?

They are easily recognizable members of the community (Notable figures, athletes, Artists, TV/ Film, sitting Presidents/past Presidents, First Ladies/ former First Ladies, Olympic medalists; as an example) will hand deliver inspiration material (books etc) to critical care /hospitals (within their immediate area) , to children, nationwide. 

3 Paws Up-

As 3 Paws Up continues to grow, we will, free of charge, teach  Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders how to tell their stories of overcoming adversity, human-animal bond, and their untold stories of herorism, via children's books. Once the Hero's tell their untold tales, the book will be placed in circulation and distributed to the children in hospitals as well. Giving children fighting their hardest battles of their young lives, real life tales of overcoming to hopefully be inspired by, and be able to follow via social media. 

The Kids-

As technology improves, so does our hope that the number of children in critical care decreses, until that time comes, 3 Paws Up will be there with true stories of science, technology, 3D innovationand the amazing true stories of the human-animal bond to take children's mind off their current battle they are fighting in hospitals and long term care facilities around the nation.  We were lucky that technology saved my nephew's life...he's now 13 and is doing fantastic!


We need your support on many levels! If you are a notable person within your community, sign up to be considered for an "Ambassador". 

Consider Us-

We would love for you to consider a donation to our non-profit as  your contributions go directly to paying for the direct costs of printing books, creating new books, publishing, illustrator costs, and marketing and administrative costs-  we are a 90/10 501(c)3 and trive to keep overhead/Admin costs at 10% or lower.